…all good things come to those that wait.

A Little Support In Case You Need It

The intention of this page isn’t to suggest you reschedule – far from it.  It’s my hope above hopes we’re back to something that resembles normality by Spring ’21 but I want my booked couples facing a postponement to know that I’m here to help!  

I’ve made the decision to privately share my full availability for 2020 and 2021 with my existing bookings.  We won’t have to go back and forth to try and find a new date should it come to it.  This diary is live & will automatically update.  I really hope this helps.

Please do get in touch asap if you’re liaising with your venue just to keep me in the loop.

I’ve tried to think of a way to go forwards fairly and transparently in what could be a fast moving situation off the back of a single announcement at any time.  If you have a single new prospective future date I will hold that and it will show on the tracker as ‘pencilled’.  At the stage when the date becomes confirmed your initial booking will be wiped and the new date will be blocked out as booked/confirmed.   If during the pencilling stage someone else enquiries/ shows and interest to book the same wedding date, as a courtesy I’ll give you a heads up and 48hrs to confirm the new date.  After that time period the date will become available for a potential new booking.

I’ll happily leave a single new potential date pencilled indefinitely to give you maximum time to get things in order and weigh up options.  It’s only if another fresh enquiry comes in that I’ll ask you to make a decision and start the 48hr clock ticking.

2020/2021 Availability

Use the calendar view below to scan for availability.  The only dates that I cannot take a booking for are shown as such and are existing confirmed bookings.  For dates that are showing as ‘pencilled’ please contact directly for up to date info.

The diary is live and will be kept up to date.  If you have any urgent concerns or questions, message or phone direct: 07786 117 111

Pencilled (Contact Me)